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African capital cities have long been neglected by the world of mapmakers – something that I think is crazy and am working hard towards changing. The Map – Addis is my second map (after The Map – Kigali) in what will eventually be a series of maps of African cities that highlights how amazing these places really are! The Map – Addis is aimed at foreign residents, tourists, and I think even lifelong locals will get something useful from the information. Read on for all of the juicy details!

The Map – Addis:

  • Is professional, user-friendly, fun, and super useful. It’s the map I wish I had when I visited Addis for the first time five years ago.
  • Shows you a whole new side of Addis Ababa, including necessary tips to give you the confidence to get out and explore the city.
  • Highlights local businesses in the hopes that visitors will venture beyond the usual expat and tourist hangouts.
  • Shares my passion for Addis and is a souvenir beautiful enough for a place on your wall.

Right now, The Map – Addis is only available on Amazon UK because I wasn’t able to figure out the complexities of doing business in Ethiopia. Once they go on sale within Addis, I’ll let you know!

I’m 100% confident you’ll love this map! Please feel free to get in touch with any questions or comments at

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Features of The Map - Addis